Kelsey McClear: Editor in Chief, 2012-2013

This year we celebrate 75 years of articles written, advertisements sold, late nights in the production room and countless editors and staff writers who have called the Highlander their passion.

I was one of those people. I had the privilege to serve as the news editor my junior year and editor in chief my senior year.  As a sophomore in college now I still cherish the many memories I had being apart of the Highlander staff for three years.

I loved the Highlander; in fact looking back on high school it was my favorite part. I loved the feeling I got when I knew I had the lead on a great story. The feeling I got as my fellow staff members and I sent the paper off to the printer after long production nights.

But beyond all those things, I loved the community that we built as a staff. The friends that I still talk to to this day. I think back on my three years at the Highlander and I think of all the laughs we had. Even on the rough days we found ways to have fun while working really hard. We were a family. We would of done anything for each other.

Yet, we could not of done it on our own, as students. We relied on the support and dedication of our then advisor Ben Harwood, or to us just Harwood.  Still to this day somebody that I respect and trust immensely and someone that helped shape me into who I am today.

So to all you current student whether you are involved in the paper or not, cherish the things you love but also cherish the people. No matter where you are know that you are there for a reason. I was never supposed to be in the intro to journalism class my freshman year but I needed an elective and it fit with my schedule.

I whole-heartedly believe that had I not taken that class I would not be where I am today. And I sure would not be the person I am today. Everything happens for a reason, it is as plain and simple as that.

So as we celebrate 75 years of the Highlander I think about the impact that the paper has had on not just Seaholm or the Birmingham community but all the people the have called G107 their home away from home.

I am honored and privileged to have been asked to write a piece for this special edition. And I wish all the current and former Highlander staff the best of luck in all they do.

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