Natalie Wright: News Editor, 2010-2011

Considering I held the record for longest article both years I was on the Highlander, I will try to keep this brief. Some of my favorite high school memories originated in the newsroom on production nights. Though the work was onerous, it was always equally rewarding.

I gained invaluable knowledge relating to writing, interviewing, budgeting, designing, advertising, and a myriad of other life skills for which I am incredibly thankful. The advisor at the time, Mr. Ben Harwood, was truly an inspiration to all of us working with him. My time at the Highlander elevated and allowed me to operate on a higher level; because of it, I have been published in the MIPA annual awards catalog, the Eccentric, the Eagle, the Patch and the Metro Times.

Currently, I am working on a degree in Elementary Education with my teaching major in English and minor in Mathematics. I aim to be a middle school teacher in the aforementioned subjects, and one of my aspirations in my career is to be a newspaper advisor myself. I only hope I will one day be able to motivate and push my students to discover their potential the way we were at the Highlander.

Now my sister, Julia Wright, is the Photo Editor, and I am exceedingly proud of her taking on the role without trepidation. The Highlander was such a disparate and satisfying portion of my high school career, so I am glad to have the chance to share it with her.

Good luck to the Editors and entire staff of the 2014-2015 Highlander, and Happy 75th Anniversary to the publication that has meant so much to me and every other student who has been a part of its life.

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