Lindsay Boeckl: Photo Editor, 2009-2010

Hello Seaholmies, Lindsay Boeckl here, photo editor at The Highlander for parts 2009-10. I’m about to drop some knowledge and wisdom on you all, so let’s sneak out for lunch before junior year and get started.

There are two things I can honestly say changed my life: 1) Goat cheese, and 2) My time at The Highlander. I know, goat cheese is truly life changing, how could a newspaper stack up?

It was the last trimester of my junior year. I walked into what at the time was Mr. Harwood’s classroom. Mr. Harwood taught government and ran the yearbook, and of course the newspaper. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, I entered 5th period that day ready to learn. And learn I did.

I will never forget how Mr. Harwood (or Lenny as we later affectionately referred to him, for reasons I honestly can’t remember) told us on that first day to walk around the school with “?”s over our eyes. He always pushed us to work harder, try things we never had before, and encouraged us to be no one’s cheerleader.

My time at The Highlander greatly encouraged my decision to pursue photojournalism. Is that what I ended up doing for work you ask? Heck no, I work at a tech firm now. But I did work at the student newspaper at my University for 3.5 of the 4 years I attended, and I firmly believe it greatly shaped my work ethic, the black circles under my eyes from years of sleep depravity, and who I have become in general. I trace the start of this life-changing journey to that weird little computer lab in G hall, just as I trace the top of a cracker with goat cheese.

If you are a senior, sucks to be you. But if you are a freshman, sophomore, or junior, stop whatever you are doing and walk to your counselor’s office (Sup Mrs. Wilson if you still work there!) and drop whatever class you need to and sign up for the Highlander.

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