Girl’s Volleyball: Playoff Push 2014

by Adam Klepp

After an end to the regular season, the Seaholm varsity volleyball team looks to continue their successful regular season into the playoffs. Their first playoff game is in the districts round next Wednesday, November 5, against Farmington Hills Harrison at Marian High School. The girls hope to make it all the way to Battle Creek for finals.

“Finals is the goal, but as a team we have to take it one day at a time,” senior Janey Burgher said.

Lead by head coach Heather Lippett, captains Paige Zywick, Natalie Nepa, Madison Martin, the team hopes to go far  in the playoffs. This can only happen, Martin said, if the team comes together as one.

“We need to stay positive, and stay focused on what we’ve been working towards the past two years,” Martin said.

According to Zywick the Seaholm volleyball teams have been doubted in the past.

“We haven’t usually been expected to win,” Zywick said.

Despite this, throughout this season the Maples have won five tournaments and have been ranked in the state throughout the whole season. The Maples are currently ranked as the third best team in Michigan.

Junior Anna Stachler says she feels the need to give the seniors a proper send off.

“It would show all of the hard work we have put into this season,” Stachler said. “They have given me so much, the ability to keep pushing and overcome adversity, along with friendship and teamwork.”

A big success for the volleyball team this season has been big wins against tough opponents according to Zywick.

“The wins against Clarkston and Marian have been confidence builders for us,” Zywick said. “Still, no matter what team we play we need to play consistent and never give up.”

Martin claims that the team knows they can handle tough opponents like Marian, and they will see plenty of them in the playoffs.

Zywick’s goal for the playoffs is to “go into every game with the same mentality”. As a captain, she says she needs to lead the team in the right direction and always “give 100 percent.”

“Obviously, the main goal is to win states, but we know it won’t be easy,” Zywick said.

Being ranked third in the state, they are expected to go far, but they need “to play like they have nothing to lose” according to Stachler.

“We can’t get too ahead of ourselves,” Stachler said.

Martin believes there is no one specific player that can help the team , and that everyone is a contributor.

“Everyone has such an important role that the team relies on,” Martin said. “It’s a team effort that will bring us success in the post-season, we need every player to be on their game in order to win.”

The girls volleyball team poses with their trophy after a tournament at Novi High School. The team won the tournament. Photo / Natalie Nepa
The girls volleyball team poses with their trophy after a tournament at Novi High School. The team won the tournament. Photo / Natalie Nepa

Martin said that every player needs to be on their game in order to win, but as the season goes on, this becomes increasingly more difficult.

“It’s hard at the end of the season,” Martin said. “Players are getting hurt and sick, and it’s vital that us captains keep them excited to play tough in our last few weeks together.”

Once the season ends, the seniors say they wish to leave some type of mark on Seaholm volleyball.

Senior Janey Burgher said she wants to be remembered for her exuberance and support. Burgher believes that being loud and celebratory on the court is a must-have for all teams and is glad she can be the one to bring that to Seaholm.

“I love to yell and go crazy,” Burgher said.

Zywick wants the team to stay close.

“We are known to have a tight knit team, and it’s been that way since freshman year,” Zywick said. “We play for each other, I hope that never changes.”

According to Martin, every player on the team holds an important role.

“I want the program to remember how much this team found success not because of individual players but because of our ability to function as a great team,” Martin said.

According to Martin, the girls feel very confident about their chances in the playoffs.
“We’ve put in a lot of hard work into this season, I hope we can go all the way,” Martin said.

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