Girls’ Tennis off to a Hot Start

With a state championship in fond memory, the Seaholm Women’s Varsity Tennis team is once again looking to reign supreme.
“We have a goal and we are determined to try our hardest to achieve it,” senior Captain Jackie Meier said.
The season is well under way for the team, which has already played two tournaments.
“We expect that we are going to put a competitive team out there,” Head Coach Scott Ransome said.  “As we have already seen.”
On March 22nd, the team played their first tournament at Bloomfield tennis, against Troy High, Rochester Adams, and North Farmington.
“All of the girls played great,” senior Captain Lauren Frazier said. “It was the perfect way to start off the season.”
Seaholm walked away from the tournament as winners with only one loss.
“This season the team has boundless potential,” Meier said. “As we proved this weekend going completely undefeated against three different teams.”

The team gathers for a photo taken at a tournament on Sunday, March 30 after their championship victory.  Photo courtesy of Rachel Fenberg.
The team gathers for a photo taken at a tournament on Sunday, March 30 after their championship victory. Photo courtesy of Rachel Fenberg. 

This past weekend, Seaholm played their second tournament on March 29th. The team played at Genesys Sports Club in Grand Blanc, against Grand Rapids Christian, Holly, and Grand Blanc.    The team once again emerged victorious, and also undefeated without a single match lost.
“I think the tournament went really well,” junior Laine Boitos said. “We all stepped up and played to the best of our abilities.”
The girl’s next challenge will be on April 15th against Clarkston High School.
“We have so much talent and pride in what we do,” junior Rachel Fenberg said. “I know our results throughout the season will show all of this.”
The team is lead by senior captions, Labina Petrovski, Lauren Frazier, and Meier; all previous state champions.
Petrovski and Frazier play one and two singles respectively. The singles lineup for the team is the same as the past years with Petrovski, Frazier, Claire Markley, and Fenberg leading the lineup.
“Playing the same spot two seasons in a row means that this season we are coming in with more knowledge and experience,” Fenberg said.
Meier shares the one doubles position with Boitos, and the two doubles position is filled by Caity Buechner and Sam Lareau.
“I think our doubles line up is going to be really strong this season,” Boitos said. “Most of our players are returning varsity so hopefully the added experience will help us out.”
Most girls on the team train year round, which has helped the team start strong, according to Fenberg.
“It’s an amazing group of girls from all of the grades,” Junior Emily Benderoff said. “We all work very well with one another and ever day with the team is a great one.”

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