Charity Month

This year’s Charity Month, sponsored by Seaholm’s student congress, is from April 15-May 9 and the theme is The Hunger Games.  For each of the four weeks of Charity Month, a different charity will receive donations.  The first week is for Lighthouse and Student Congress is collecting peanut butter and jelly.  The second week is for money donations to Common Ground, in honor of the late Brother Rice student, Cullen Haffey, who was very close with many students at Seaholm.  The third week is item donations to Humble Design.  Lastly, the fourth week is for money donations to Angel’s Place.
“The goal is to use the teacher tributes to pump up the students to donate,” student congress president Melissa Shiner said.  “The teachers can offer incentives or prizes to their students to get them to donate.”  Student Congress has also planned activities for A and B lunches, such as a dunk tank and ice cream sales.  They hope to receive as much participation as possible.

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