Talent Show a Success

By Julia Wright

The Annual Seaholm’s Got Talent Show was on Wednesday March 19th. The show was sponsored by Seaholm Offers Support, a student organization that focuses on giving back to the community. According to copresident Cate Goldman, the show is very beneficial in Seaholm’s community.
“It’s our biggest fund-raiser every year, so we get a lot of money from it to help other people,” Goldman said.
Acts at this year’s show included students singing, playing instruments, dancing, reading poetry and many more. Ben McDermott took home first place, for the second time.
The runner ups were Emily Blair, Lily Talmers, and Cara Sevec in second, and William Childers and Elizabeth Zdyb in third. In the adjoining art contest Chris Sarkisian won first, Sydney McKay second, and Emily Blair third.
According to Goldman, this is an event that everyone looks forward to.
“Everybody enjoys it and it’s a way to get the name SOS out into the community,” Goldman said. “It’s just a fun way for the community to get together.”

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