X-Block: No More?

While those extra days off back may have seemed like a gift then, Seaholm is finally paying the price.
As of April 1st, Seaholm students have to come to class during X-Block to start making up the time missed.
Students must come to class or will be marked absent. The absences will count towards parking passes for next school year.
“We’re the only school in the district that has make-up time,” Seaholm Principal Dee Barash said.
According to Barash, this is because of the two calamity days in November and January. School was cancelled due to a carjacking and pipes freezing over and bursting.
“We can’t impact anybody else’s schedule,” Barash said. “It was the easiest way to get those minutes back without impacting Groves’ schedule.”
In an effort to make up the time without adding school days, the district has approved the plan of having classes during Seaholm’s X-Block. The state does not consider it to be instructional time, therefore by having classes it can be counted as make up time.
The schedule will be to have first hour during X-Block, then regular bell schedule. On the next X-block, second hour will have their class, and then continue with bell schedule, and so on. The first set of X-Block classes is April 1, 3, 15, 17, and 22. These five will count as one made-up day.
The district has only approved the first set of makeup time and therefore still has not approved a second set of X-Blocks. The decision will likely not be made until the end of April. However, Barash feels that the county knows this process is the most efficient way.
“We are confident that the county will feel the same way that you and I do,” Barash said.
If allowed, the second set is scheduled to be in late May, after the AP exams. Students will also have a full day of school on June 11, the first day of finals.
Not everyone is happy with this decision. Senior Jackson Jerge goes to X-Block every Tuesday and Thursday and finds the retraction frustrating.
“I just think it’s a darn shame that they’re gonna get rid of X-Block for five straight days,” Jerge said.
Senior Sara Kmiec agrees. She finds the loss of time to be a disadvantage to students because they are losing time for clubs and meetings with teachers.
“We’re losing that time to do important stuff,” Kmiec said.
However, Jerge thinks it’s a better alternative to adding days to the school year. Meanwhile, Kmiec is indifferent.
“As a senior, I don’t really care because I would be out
teachers much more than an extended school year would. Because of weekends and spring break, the extra classes will be spread out over time. This makes it difficult for teachers to make lesson plans for their classes.
Science teacher Renee Moore believes this plan is the best possible decision, but still has reservations.
“The problem I have is that I teach earth science both 1st and 5th hour, so they [the students] would be taught a lesson 21 days apart,” Moore said. “[The class] is not gonna be apart.  [The class] is not gonna be a lecture.”
Barash confirmed the extra time should be used wisely. She informed teachers to treat it as any other time there was a disruption.
Students who have a class at Groves should report to the media center for that X-Block. Attendance will be taken, and they can treat that time as a study hall. Additionally, Groves students who have classes at Seaholm have to report for the X-Block class.
Moore noted the change in X-Blocks will help students prepare for the new schedule next year.
“I don’t think it’s bad that kids get into the habit of coming in everyday to school at 7:30,” she said.
Regardless of opinions, time has to be made up.
“This isn’t our choice,” Moore said. “Would you rather have to add days?”

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