Lululemon Tells Customers ‘Size Does Matter’

Walking down the halls of Seaholm, nearly every person traveling past is outfitted in Lululemon, whether they are wearing leggings, sweatpants, jackets, or bags. The status of the Lululemon symbol has become a sign of Birmingham, much more than a simple status reminder. Yet, how has Lululemon taken the standing of one of the most… Read More Lululemon Tells Customers ‘Size Does Matter’

Test Bias

By Kelly Martinek, Kendall Hitch and Esther Seawell The ACT is inarguably one of the most important tests of a student’s high school career. But what people do argue on is whether or not the ACT is biased. In a survey conducted by the Highlander, 81% of people answered that they were an English/Social Studies… Read More Test Bias

Mazich Dances Her Way Toward Med School

Amazing performer, well-rounded, extremely talented, and beautiful are just some of the ways senior Sophia Mazich is described by her dance instructor. Primarily trained in ballet, contemporary, and jazz, Mazich began dancing when she was two years old.  But for the past four years, Mazich has been taught by instructor Alicia Cutaia at Eisenhower Dance… Read More Mazich Dances Her Way Toward Med School