Boys’ Tennis Season Finishes Abruptly

After the Boys’ Tennis team experienced a successful season, they suffered a disappointing run through the state tournament on Friday, October 18.

The Maples finished sixth in the state, but had higher expectations. Last year, they finished fifth in the state and hoped to either repeat or surpass that ranking this year.

In the regular season, the Maples had tied Rochester Adams, who later went on to beat Midland Dow, which was the team that eventually won states. Although they experienced success throughout the season, the team was disappointed in their matches against Brother Rice and Groves. Against Rice, Seaholm did not win a single match. Although the Maples beat Groves almost every time they played, the one tie was heartbreaking enough.

Senior Chris Breeden and junior Alex Cross, who play as the three doubles pair experienced the most hardship during the state tournament. Although ranked third in the state before the tournament, they took a hard loss and elimination to Groves.

The only team without a seeding before the tournament was the four doubles pair of sophomore Will Geller and sophomore Brendan Knight. Because they were unseeded, they had to face a harder opponent in the first round which sent them home early.

Zaven Dadien, who was both the two singles and ranked second in the state, also took a tough loss in the first round to Portage Central which left the Maples with low hopes and low spirits.

Ben McDermott, the one singles, had a difficult season which was only followed by a difficult appearance and loss at states.

Although the Maples felt discouraged after the state tournament, they were still ranked within the top ten in the state for Division II tennis. Even though the team missed their goal of returning to the fifth ranked team, they were only one place behind.

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