Yevvo Takes Over Seaholm’s Airwaves

By Meghan Flynn and Theresa Ross

It all started with 3 random letters y, e, and v. Letters that have started a movement.

The newest social media app that has taken over Seaholm’s scene is Yevvo, a tool for broadcasting live video. It’s being used to share just about everything, from concerts to walking the dog.

“We wanted to create a raw unfiltered unpredictable feeling,” Ben Rubin, the co-founder and CEO of Yevvo said.

Yevvo gives users the capability to broadcast live video, streaming their daily life and activities to an entire network of friends. Users can go live and only the people that tune in right then can see the video.

“I think that the app is a great way to really see what’s going on,” Seaholm student Hayley Dent said.”It has a potential to become something bigger.”

Tyler Rogers and Julia Wilkins have coined themselves as co-pioneers of the Seaholm movement after finding the app on October 24th. Before the night was over, more than 200 people from Seaholm and other schools in the area had joined the growing phenomenon.

“It was clearly those two kids who were very passionate about Yevvo,” Rubin said.

Rogers and Wilkins said they were just fooling around on the app store and happened to type in y, e, and v and found the app Yevvo. From there on, it’s history. The two downloaded the app, and encouraged others to as well. Through word of mouth and Twitter, the app spread throughout the entire student body.

As evident by the sudden increased use, Yevvo has even reached former Seaholm students, and is making waves at schools like Michigan State University, Oakland Community College, University of South Carolina, and Washington and Lee University.

“It’s a great idea for an app. With a little tweaking here and there it could go big,” former Seaholm student Kevin Kristopik said.

Even the faculty has been noticing the popularity. Shannon Summers first noticed it on Twitter and has been continually hearing about it in classes, and she is not the only one.

“To be quite honest I have no clue what Yevvo is, but I know that it exists and I’ve seen an incredible wave of popularity,” Billy Shellenbarger said. “I do agree that it is hot.”

“I think it is crazy that in one day practically a whole community heard of the app and downloaded it! The word spread of it so quickly. By the end of the first night I already had over 100 followers!!” Dent said.

“But after awhile it will settle down and will give a lot of value because people will think about the times they want to go live… and they go live and everyone in their social circle has front seats to their lives and take parts in what their experiencing right now and I think that’s exciting,” said Rubin

With updates coming soon, Rubin has big hopes for the future. Users will soon be able to tweet about their friends’ videos while they’re being broadcast without ever leaving the video, according to Rubin.

Usage of Yevvo has decreased in the past few weeks, as students struggle with the decision of what to broadcast.

“Someone needs to figure out what it’s for,” Rogers said. “If we started doing like a broadcast rather than me just playing with my cat or something like that it might actually get somewhere.”

According to Rubin the app can be used for anything.

“Seeing somebody stream from their hand in a concert is beautiful or even in his house sitting with friends having the time of their lives laughing and stuff,” Rubin said.

Students have made videos of anything from sporting events to driving in their car, illustrating Rubin’s belief that everyone leads an exciting life.

“We definitely see Seaholm as an event of Yevvo’s,” Rubin said. “We definitely thank you for that.”

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