So, You Have Two Hours to Kill?

   The clock is ticking yet everything around you seems like a drag. Your boredom is driving you insane and with two hours to kill you have no idea what to do. No worries, The Highlander presents three fun ideas to get your nights rolling. Ditch Downtown Birmingham and make your way to Royal Oak.

   Participate in teatime; make Royal Oak’s Goldfish Tea Cafe, at 117 4th Street your new destination location.

   Goldfish Tea Café’s live music performances from seven to nine PM will help enhance your Friday nights and enjoy those dreaded Sundays.

   This vibrant teahouse imports more than 40 premium loose-leaf teas directly from China. Your selection of tea is offered either through cup, pot, or in sealed pouches you can take home with you.

   This teahouse offers free tea tastings and neat tea facts.

   The Chai Latte is a personal favorite of mine. This hot tea’s creamy, sweet, and spicy combination make it a flavor to savor, and is perfect for facing this fall’s chilly temperatures.

   If you’re not into tea, they also offer sandwiches, salads and pastries.

   While you enjoy your tea, make your way to the back of this teahouse and you’ll find an impressive collection of board games.

    The dimly lit lighting makes this teahouse an inviting area, while its small tea accessorizedcorners and decorative Chinese artwork make it a sight to see.

   Goldfish Tea Cafe never ceases to disappoint.

   Go shopping.

   The Lost and Found Vintage Store, on 510 South Washington Avenue guarantees a great night out.

   Shopping through the racks of this cool vintage store is similar to “treasure hunting.” Finding that one perfect piece of clothing, and noticing it’s reasonable pricing makes your shopping seem no less than a discovery.

  Unlike your regular departmental stores, The Lost and Found Vintage Store abounds in textures, whimsical colors, designs and has an interesting boot collection.

  The minute you enter this store, retro 70s music can be heard playing in the background, while your eyes are drawn to the front.

   Small intricate knick-knacks, walls of vintage belts and crafted designed jewelry lay displayed in the storefront’s vast 3,500 square feet.

   The store’s collection doesn’t end there.

   The Lost and Found Vintage Store features two more levels that are separated by men and women’s compartments. These levels are stocked with clothing designed from the 1900s-1980s.

   The Lost and Found Vintage Store’s unique items are reasonably priced and a great way to start a new collection.

   Get some grub.

   What Crêpe located on 317 S. Washington Avenue, is a great way to mix up your daily cuisine with some friends.

   This quaint European-intimate restaurant was actually inspired by it’s original store in Brittany, France

   What Crêpe offers 50 delectable varieties, ranging from savory, sweet, vegetarian, and vegan. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

   The crêpes’ presentation will immediately have you impressed. Its outer appearance looks so perfect that you don’t want to touch it. Some could say its instagram worthy.

   What Crêpe’s original restaurant is in Royal Oak, but also has a location in Birmingham.

   The crêpe filling is mouth-watering and when paired with its outer thin dough creates a tempting bite.

   The restaurant’s ambience reflects its intimate atmosphere.

   Your eyes are immediately taken aback to the deep maroons and blacks painted on the walls, playful mismatched seating and metal framing that adorns the front.

   While, What Crêpe offers exceptional taste and provides sophisticated design it leans towards a middle-high price range.

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