BPS Settles Lawsuit: Repayment Program

   Following the lawsuit (Kelly et al v Birmingham Public Schools) earlier this year, the Birmingham Public School District has agreed to continue the voluntary repayment program.  This will be applicable to certain fees which could be considered “improper” during th 2010-2011, 2011, 2012, and 2012-2013 school years.

   An email was sent to all parents in the Birmingham School System, attached was a copy of the voluntary repayment plan.

   BPS will also pay Plaintiffs’ attorneys $10,000 for attorney fees and other costs. The named Plaintiffs’ will not recieve compensation, upon their request.

   The school district insisted that the actions were not in violation, however they agreed to settle the lawsuit so that they can “focus on educating its students,” according to The Class Action Lawsuit And Settlement.

   From now on, the Settlement also states that BPS will follow the guidelines issued by the Michigan Department of Education.

   Not all items are included in this repayment program. Locks were available for purchase, but students were not forced to buy them.

   According to Principal Dee Barash, items such as planners could have been given out this year. The reason they were not was because of the cost issue.

   “Because I had no way to know exactly how many students would purchase a planner, we chose not to print them as it would be an unnecessary expense,” Barash said.

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