New Women’s Head Diving Coach Whipping the Team Into Shape

   As the season rolled around, the Seaholm women’s diving team was out of a coach.

    However, Matt Egbers was ready to step up and take on the job of coaching the team to victory.

   With goals of scoring more points at meets, Egbers is pushing the team even harder. According to senior captain Claire Neville, they have a lot of potential.

    “I think he is a really good coach.” Neville said.”He’s really nice and funny. And he has a lot of patience with us when we are messing around.”

   According to junior divers Sammie Siegel, Carly Wade, and senior Neville, Egbers has been focused on trying to get the girls to try new dives.

    “They’re a little bit hesitant to throw some of the harder stuff,” Egbers said. “But I think they’re starting to see the need that they need to step up a little bit, take it to the next level.”

   Committed to his divers, Egbers has even gone so far as to buy a team wetsuit so the girls can try new dives without the consequences of smacking the water.

   According to Wade, Egbers has brought energy and enthusiasm into the program, specifically relating to technology.

   “We use this program called e-dive for the meet that’s extremely tricky and temperamental. It’s the scoring system that totals every girls dives and points,” Wade said.”He writes software for his job and was talking about improving the program or rewriting it or something in that nature, so everyone’s looking forward to that.”

   A former diver at the University of Vermont and a past coach at Brother Rice, Egbers’ new job has been both difficult and rewarding.

    “I’ve never coached girls before so that was a little transition,” Egbers said. “But it’s very rewarding from the girl’s side as well.”

   According to Siegel, Egbers transition has proved successful.

   “He’s really easygoing and understanding, but he pushes you to be better at the same time. It’s a good balance,” Siegal said.

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