Bistro Joe’s: Best Location, Delicious Food

   Looking for a new hot spot to eat? This “globally inspired” restaurant is sure to spice up any foodie’s usual restaurant cycle. After a few months of construction the new, hip restaurant, Bistro Joe’s, opened June 18th.

   Bistro Joe’s décor is very chic. The trendy vibe radiated through the succulents on each table, chalkboard signs, even the wooden slab bar. The entire upstairs of Bistro Joe’s is sheltered from the market of Papa Joe’s, making it easy to forget the bar and restaurant is hoisted above a grocery store.

   The restaurant’s balcony overlooks Woodward; the fresh air, leather booths, and friendly servers create a great ambience. Walking around the restaurant is a bit tight though, and one finds him or herself bumping into servers when not seated.

   The food is à la carte at Bistro Joe’s, and entrees range from $13-$40 on the dinner menu. For lunch it is $12-18 for one’s choice of entrée. Bistro Joe’s serves a plethora of different types of food.

   The offerings at Bistro Joe’s are well prepared and portions are pretty generous. There is variety in the menu from lighter fare to heavier dishes. A classic favorite on the menu is the Steak Frites. However, when looking further into Bistro Joe’s menu it’s easy to realize how “globally inspired”, as said on their website, the restaurant truly is. Some other key dishes are the wood fried salmon, prosciutto flatbread, the Black Angus sliders, the kale barley salad, the Oysters, and many many more.

   However, don’t be confused, Bistro Joe’s is not a recommended lunch spot for Seaholm students. Even with their speedy service and great food, this is not a Honey Tree or Cosi type restaurant. The food took about 20-30 minutes to be cooked and served and there was a wait to be seated. This eatery is most comparable to Social, making this a go to dinner or weekend lunch spot.

   Bistro Joe’s is located in the upper level of Papa Joe’s on Woodward between 14 and 15 mile. It opens for lunch and then closes down during the afternoon, reopening for the evening. Here are Bistro Joe’s hours below.


11:30 am- 3:00 pm Mon – Fri


5:30 pm-10:00 pm Mon – Wed
5:30 pm – 11:00 pm Thur, Fri & Sat
5:30 pm – 9:00 pm Sunday

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