Varsity Boys’ Soccer Team Off to a Rough Start

With the loss of a heavily senior-run boys’ soccer team, this year’s Seaholm Varsity Boys’ Soccer team is off to a tough start.

So far, the team has three wins, six losses and four ties. With wins over Lake Orion and Farmington, the team is looking to go on a large winning streak to get above a record of .500 wins to losses.

Seaholm is currently ranked fifth in their conference, behind Groves in first place, Bloomfield Hills in second, West Bloomfield in third and Lake Orion in fourth.

“We’re doing well for such a young team,” senior midfielder Kevin Jubera said. “We can definitely improve on some technical stuff.”

Along with Jubera, Alex Stangeland and four year varsity player Ryan Nolan are the only returning seniors for this year’s varsity team. Returning juniors include Zach Strong, Max Brown and Andrew Delong.

“We are coming out nicely,” Coach Ian Whitelaw said. “The boys have given great effort, which is what we expected.”

Due to a lack of leadership because of a deficit of seniors, it has been tough for the team to start off strong. Although Jubera was on varsity last year, he had just moved from Maryland to Seaholm at the beginning of his junior year. Nolan has had a lot of experience on varsity, due to the fact that he has been on varsity all four years. And Stangeland is the goalie, so he has had a lot of experience in goal from last year, usually playing in any non-league games.

As for the new players, whether they were on junior varsity last year, or are now in the organization for the first time, have had to step up into leadership positions.

“We have the juniors who were on varsity that didn’t play a lot last year have been playing now,” Jubera said. “A lot of young juniors have stepped up a lot.”

As this season moves forward, the Mighty Maples are hoping to gain some success in the latter part of this year.

Under the coaching of Whitelaw and the leadership of Jubera, Nolan and Stangeland, this team will be looking forward to finishing out the season on a strong note.

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