Positive reaction to Parking Lot

   The recently paved parking lot has been turning heads in the Seaholm community lately, but for all the right reasons. Seaholm has met the demand for parking spaces with stricter parking pass regulations and a new parking lot design.

   “I have not had a single student come in and say they couldn’t find a place to park in the lot and have a pass,” Seaholm Principal Dee Barash said.

   The response to the transformed lot has been mostly positive, even with the slower flow of traffic. With stop signs and cinderblocks, the new lot forces students to slow down and be more attentive.

   The current lack of space in the lot will soon be alleviated as construction in the Annex behind the teacher lot finishes. Though construction equipment presently takes up the spaces reserved for students, as the construction ends students will have the ability to park in the back of the teacher lot, near the tennis courts.

   With increased security, parking passes have become crucial in the student parking lot. After restricted parking pass sales, every student with a pass should not only have a spot, but be displaying their parking pass.

   “Once this week settles down, and we get the teachers in their spot and the students in the right spaces, then we will start to police the tags and match the cars, because we made you turn in registration, so we can make sure that the car you said would be parked in lot is parked in the lot,” Barash said.

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