Seaholm Junior Pursues Design Industry

   With a “neo-punk-wave-post-grunge-psychedelic-trash” vibe and sublime effects, Chloe Hajjar creates her own unique visions.    Hajjar, a junior, created a website, that is filled with her projects and artwork.    “It is basically a website to promote my artwork and for other people to find it easily and cycle throughout the internet,” Hajjar… Read More Seaholm Junior Pursues Design Industry

Gasper’s Passion for Filmmaking Pays Off

   Picturesque backdrops, catchy songs, and high-definition footage are just a few notable aspects of junior Jordan Gasper’s action sports films.     Since the summer of 2010, Gasper has been filming action sports videos, referred to as “edits”.  Since he began filming sports such as skiing and biking, it has remained a passion.    “It… Read More Gasper’s Passion for Filmmaking Pays Off