Spring Weather Brings Lapse in Judgement for Students

   After what seemed like a never ending winter, the weather has finally hit 60 degrees and spring is in full force. This means that prom, graduation festivities, and many more are all beginning. While this can be an incredibly exciting and fun time for students, especially seniors, it is important not let good judgment melt away like last month’s snow.

   What at the time may feel like an innocent photo on Instagram or a Tweet could turn out to be detrimental in the future. Once something is posted online it is there forever.

   While many seniors may already be admitted to colleges, it is important to realize that future employers are more likely than not to check social media before hiring potential employees.

   And, for underclassman, the things that are posted now will be the same things that colleges will look at before admitting students to their school.

   Social media isn’t the only place to get in trouble during the spring season, “third tri no tri” is in the air for students feeling the boredom of being in school while the sun is shining outside. The classroom seems to be the last place that any student would want to be.

   Whether its senioritis, lack of interest, the warm weather finally hitting, or a combination of these, the last few months of school always seem to be the time that students are acting out the most.

   The Birmingham Bloomfield Community Coalition has teamed up with the local city police to send letters to all upperclassman letting them know of the consequences for underage drinking and parents who serve alcohol to their minors.

   Spring is a fun time of year and for seniors it is our last hurrah in high school. So let’s make it the best it can be without damaging our futures.

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