One Acts Festival is Back

   An opera about bread, a never ending first date, and one girl’s quest to learn a new language.  These are just three of the stories students will present next month at this spring’s One Acts Festival.

   May 17th and 18th mark Seaholm’s fourth annual One Acts Festival, which gives student the opportunity to direct and perform in short, one act plays.

   Returning cast members say enthusiasm surrounds the cast.

   “Just the acting in general gets me really excited,” senior JP Tallent said. “Everyone loves what they’re doing.”

   Tallent will be performing in the One Act festival this year, for the second time in his high school career. Last year he starred in Forever Ink, another short comedy.

   Senior Celine Barron will also be directing this year.  This year is her second as a part of the One Acts festival.  She is also a four year musical senior.

   “I’m excited to make my directing debut and show off my wonderful cast members,” Barron said. “I feel like the shows are more professional and will be easier to direct than in years past,” she said.

   But it’s not just the returning cast members who are excited for this year’s festival.

   “There are a couple of new members,” Barron said, “one of my cast members, Niko Bokos, is new to One Acts.”

   Among these newcomers is Anna Tripp, a sophomore.

   “For me the performance is what I’m looking forward to most,” Tripp said, “to be able to show everyone everything you have worked for.”

   Although Tripp is new to the spring festival, she is no stranger to Seaholm’s theatre department.  She has been part of the casts of both Guys and Dolls and Fiddler on the Roof.

   “Everyone works super hard to create a performance that they know people will enjoy and want to see,” Tripp said, “the cast of One Acts are all people who don’t joke around when it comes to what dedication should mean.”

   And, the cost of admission won’t make a huge dent in your wallet.

   “You only have to give a kidney,” Tallent said, “but if you can’t give one of those it’s about $10.”

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