Thrift Shop Dance Raises Money for Junior Class

Written by Nick Farida

To the surprise of those who thought that the Thrift Shop Dance would be cancelled  because of low attendance, it went on last Friday with an estimated more than 200 guests. The dance hosted by the junior class sold about 260 tickets between presale and at the door sales.

This dance was supposed to be a step away from the usual dance. Mike Wicker, the junior class advisor, said “the idea was for a ‘come as you are’ dance,”

The dance itself was quite the spectacle to behold, the costumes all very flashy. The guest count climbed, slowly at first, the first few guests only arriving at 7:30 and more pouring in over the next half hour till doors closed at 8:00. But the staff was ready for this and was prepared for the influx of kids at the hour. The dance however ended earlier than expected, with only 11 people left at 9:45.

The costume contest wasn’t as expected, many of the contestants leaving before it had even started. It seemed to come down to whoever was left. The winner, Malory Mareski, even said “I…am the last one here”.

Despite the late start and early close many people still seemed to enjoy the dance, although some did not like the music.

“I don’t like this music, where are the banjos,” senior Jack Kelly said.

There were however many students that didn’t go to the dance. There were many excuses for not going to the dance.

“I would have went if there was a better theme,” sophomore Renee LaFay said.

The junior class raised $756.81 through this dance.

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