Basketball Season for Maples Comes to an End

The Maples’ basketball season came to an end March 6 against Saint Mary’s, losing 65-56 in the Class A District Semi-finals at Andover. Senior guard Paris Bass finished his Maple career with 23 points.

Saint Mary’s gave Seaholm trouble in the first half, missing only a couple of shots. At the end of the first quarter, the Maples were down 23-8 and by the half, the Eaglets had extended the lead to 21 points, up 38-17. Seaholm shot just 3-13 in the first quarter.

“We just had an off night shooting.” junior guard Matt Almeranti said.

With the season riding on the line, the Maples knew they had to step it up in the second half. Seaholm had to do something in order to stop Saint Mary’s seniors Matt Linehan and Sam McClendon, who both had points in the double digits.

With a valiant effort in the second half from Bass (19 points), and the rest of the Maples, they were able to pull within ten in the final minutes.

But that was as close as Seaholm could get.

The Maples had trouble shutting down the Eaglets’ offense. Four players for Saint Mary’s had points in the double digits, which was something Seaholm could not match.

“We got it twisted and came out flat,” said junior guard Andrew Barton. “It’s tough to come back from a 15 point first quarter deficit.”

Saint Mary’s went on to lose to the Lahser Knights 55-52 in the district championship.

The Maples were crushed to see their season over.

“We lost,” said junior guard Joey Nagridge. “It sucked.”

The Maples finished their season 16-7.

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