5 Last Minute Stress Busters

Written by Meghan Flynn

   The end of the trimester has rolled around and with that comes stress and anxiety about finals. The Highlander has come up with five last minute stress busters for this week, to prevent no meltdowns at two am the night before finals.

   What you eat can greatly contribute to stress levels. Some of the best things to eat around finals are comfort foods, whether that is a pile of spaghetti and meatballs or your favorite chicken dish, the foods releases serotonin.   Eating dark chocolate also is known to release endorphins when eaten in moderation.

“Exercise gives you an outlet to release some of that tension [built up from stress]. A good workout also increases your levels of “feel-good” chemicals called endorphins,” said Mehmet Oz, MD on an online article. One of the best ways to reduce stress is to exercise.  Exercise takes your mind off of any events or tests coming up and it releases good endorphins. However, it is not always easy to go outside and run in Michigan during March. So, if you don’t belong to a fitness club, try yoga, it’s perfect for finals week. Many yoga studios around the area offer free one-week trials! Try the Birmingham Yoga Shelter (248.723.9642)

    Take a hot bath. After studying for hours your neck and back will hurt.  A bubble bath is great for guys and girls for some quite and serenity.  Grab a book and take 30 minutes and don’t think about your classes, just relax.

    Go up to Starbucks with a friend, seeing your friend for 15 minutes will be fun, and laughing with them can reduce your anxiety. This will also get your mind off stressful finals.  Get a calming tea, such as chamomile; this type of tea will reduce your stress and anxiety.  Goldfish Tea Café in Royal Oak is another great place to study for finals in a calm environment. The workers there will set you up with the perfect pot of tea to calm you down.

    Set up distinct breaks and times you are going to study for. Instead of checking Instagram and Twitter compulsively while studying, wait until your set time for break and check them both at once.  This way it doesn’t seem like you spent the entire day studying and you can get your work done quicker and more effectively.

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