Attendence Fears: Overreaction

In the end, it was much ado about nothing. Despite rumors and a survey indicating students would not show up to classes January 3 and 4, the large scale absences didn’t happen.

According to Principal Deanna Lancaster the attendance was about 88 percent. There was not that noticeable of a difference as attendance is usually in the low to mid nineties.

In terms of attendance district wide, overall, it was about 88 percent.

“Elementary, middle school, and high school, were all about the same, however, I think elementary was a little lower,” Lancaster said. “I think Groves and us were almost identical actually.”

As for the reason why elementary schools had slightly less attendance and why the attendance was greater in the higher grade levels Lancaster believes it due to the way the different grade levels view school.

“There’s that mind set when they’re little that they don’t necessarily need to go back, where with you guys it’s we need to go back because we don’t want to miss class.”

“The attendance was definitely greater than I expected,” Lancaster said. “The district was pretty assured when they negotiated those two days people would come back.”

As for the reason why more people than expected showed up Lancaster believes it has to do with both school rigor and family member’s work schedules.

“It’s second trimester, and quite honestly most parents are back to work,”

With only a 12 percent absence rate both school days, the days still counted, falling short of the 25 percent needed for the day to not count by 13 percent.

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