New Trampoline Gamepark Attracts High School Crowd

The outside of Airtime Trampoline & Gamepark in Troy.  PHOTO / MADELINE TEW
The outside of Airtime Trampoline & Gamepark in Troy. PHOTO / MADELINE TEW

Troy’s new trampoline game park, Airtime, has visitors bouncing off the walls- literally.

Since the park’s opening in late October, it has been extremely successful; according to owner Pam Wannamacher.

“We’ve been gaining momentum,” said Wannemacher, whose park is located at 662 East Big Beaver Road.  “We haven’t done any advertising at this point, it’s all been through social media and through our Facebook page.”

So what exactly is the attraction of Airtime?

“It’s interlocking trampolines, wall to wall, and the walls are trampolines so you can bounce off the walls,” said Wannemacher.  “We have two dodge ball courts, our slam-dunk basketball courts, and mosh pit.”

The game park caters to all age groups and has open jump areas designated by age.

“We have our tweeter court for ages seven and under, our high-fidelity court for ages eight to 13, and our distortion court for ages 14 and up,” said Wannemacher.  “We actually had a gentleman book his 33rd birthday party here.”

Airtime has also gained popularity among Seaholm students.

“Airtime is a pretty cool place to jump,” said sophomore Alex Crump.  “I recommend wearing short sleeves because it’s really hot and intense.”

Senior Molly Blank had mixed feelings about the park.

“It’s awesome! It’s a lot of fun,” said Blank.  “It’s just really chaotic, there’s so many kids running around.”

Although Wannemacher said the park is safe, health officials say jumpers risk injury.

According to Beaumont orthopedic resident physician Gearin Green, injuries from trampoline use are fairly common.

“We see a trampoline injury almost every day,” said Green.

Green did not attribute any of the injuries directly to Airtime, but spoke to the Highlander about the nature of trampoline injuries.

“The most common injury we’ve seen so far has been fractures.  These happen when a person lands on an outstretched hand or arm,” said Green.  “Second would be ankle fractures and these usually occur when two people are jumping together.  We have seen dislocated ankles, broken wrists, neck fractures, and concussions from trampoline accidents.”

In order to prevent injuries, Green advises jumping only one person at a time, because most patients report being bumped while in the air prior to injury.

Still, Wannemacher is confident that Airtime is a safe environment.

“In terms of what we do to prevent injury, we have the way the park is designed,” said Wannemacher.  “It’s not like a home trampoline where the springs are exposed or you could fall off.”

Wannemacher stated that the floors leading up to the trampolines, the springs, and the walls are all padded.

It is required that all first-time jumpers under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian, as stated by Airtime’s website.

“We also have a bunch of safety rules in place that we go over with all of our jumpers before they jump.  Things like don’t push your neighbor, and only one person per trampoline,” said Wannemacher.  “We also have court monitors on staff, pretty much like our lifeguards.  They make sure everybody is paying attention to the rules and is being safe.”

According to Wannemacher, very few injuries have occurred at Airtime.

“Most have been sprained ankles or things like that, it’s usually not if somebody is doing something wrong, it’s usually things like landing on your ankle funny.”

Airtime is also mindful towards the high school crowd.

“On Friday nights we have what we call our A/T Revolutions,” said Wannemacher.  “It’s two hours from nine to 11, and it’s $18.  You can jump and get two slices of pizza and a drink.”

Another teen event hosted by Airtime is on Saturday nights.

“It’s our A/T Encore, and that’s from 10-12,” said Wannemacher.  “It’s the same price, $18 for two hours.  It’s a blast.”  The event is only available to ages 16 and older.

Both A/T Revolution and A/T Encore include Grammy Award-winning music producer DJ Head, Airtime’s in-house DJ.

“It’s a great energy”, said Wannemacher.  “It’s a lot of fun.”

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