Prospective Winter Dance Cancelled

This year’s winter formal was not just less than successful, it was nonexistent. The lack of enthusiasm from Seaholm High School students left the plans of this sophomore-ran dance in the shadows.

Despite the efforts of the sophomore class president Kara McInerney, Emily Weiss and sophomore class representative teacher, Maribeth Ruedisueli, only 21 tickets sold, which prevented the dance from happening.

“We’re not going to put on a dance for only 21 people, who are probably going to leave within an hour,” Principal Dee Lancaster said.

The lack of attendance was the main problem that was facing the dance’s future. Wednesday, January 9, just two days before the dance, only 21 tickets had been sold.

“The winter dance is a fundraiser for the prom,” Lancaster said. “We need at least $1200 to break even, we’ve only raised $210, and it just doesn’t seem worth it to me.”

The dances that are held leading up to prom are fundraisers to help pay for prom.

“The dance being cancelled will affect the ticket prices of prom,” Lancaster said. “Now they are $60 for a ticket and because of the dance being cancelled the ticket prices will go up.”

Last year, Lancaster began to enforce the already existing rules of how to conduct yourself during a dance.

“Do I think that the amount of tickets sold is a response to my rule changes? Yes, that could be, but I think the new rules are necessary,” said Lancaster.

Lancaster’s rule to prevent inappropriate dancing has been known as her “face to face and leave some space,” rule.

However, according to some students, the rule changes were not the only reason Seaholm High School students opted out of attending the winter formal.

“I was never going to go to the dance,” sophomore Julia Demko said. “It just never seemed that fun me.”

Another deterrent was the lack of people attending.

“When I asked people if they were going to the dance most of the responses were them saying they were not going,” senior Patrick Blair said. “I’m not about to go to a dance when only a handful of people are going to be there”.

“I think it would have been fun, had more people been going,” sophomore Gabby Seguin said. “I didn’t want to go to a dance that no one was going to.”

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