High Hopes for Winter Dance

Written by McKenna Ross 

The cafeteria will be thumping with the sounds of the bass and filled with people dancing at the “City of Lights” Dance Friday evening, January 11, 2013. At least that’s what the Class of 2015 dance committee hopes for.

According to the Class of 2015 sponsor Maribeth Ruedisueli, 700 to 800 students are expected, “but those are high hopes.”

Attendance seems to be a concern for the committee. Ruedisueli said it’s been hard for the organizers to prepare for the dance due to the unknown amount of people coming. She said the Glow Dance, the charity dance organized by the Junior class in January last year, did not go very well and they hope for a bigger turn out.

The dance is being planned by a small committee of three chairmen with Ruedisueli’s guidance.

“They chose the decorations they want, the food they want, the theme they want. I want this to be their dance and their ideas. So I’m just supervising and doing the ordering and organizing,” Ruedisueli said.

Tickets are $10. In addition to raising money for cutting the cost of prom, there will be optional donation boxes for the organization Forgotten Harvest, which serves hungry homeless in the metro area.

“I think a lot of people know there is going to be [a dance], or enough people do, but they don’t know anything about it,” chairman of tickets Kara McInerney said.

She says they’ve been advertising through a commercial on the announcements and people have been talking about it on Twitter.

The announcements have been the most effective form of advertising, as shown in a survey of 38 students. Fifty percent said they found out about the dance through the commercial that aired all of last week.

Another concern of the committee was the student body’s reaction to the cancellation of the dance held in December – or as the student body calls it – the “Slut Dance.” The dance is known for its inappropriate attire and the behavior of the students while dancing.

 I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that before and I’ve been to a lot of dances. I had been warned but I wasn’t quite prepared for that,” Principal Dee Lancaster said about the “Slut Dance.”

According to Lancaster, that dance was cancelled because it was difficult to have a dance in the hectic month of December. She says this dance will be more like homecoming, with the same rules and semi-formal atmosphere.

Because of this, the committee had trouble pleasing the administration in the beginning of the planning process, according to chairman of snacks Aria Williams. She said the school was cautious of “just little things that could turn into big things.”

Williams said she found it difficult to think of themes that would be interesting to the students and appropriate to the administration.

“We’re just trying to change the directions and interest the students and not make it too constricting for them but at the same time it still needs to be appropriate. It’s kind of hard to balance both sides – the students and the administration,” Williams said.

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