B to D Toy Drive a Success

Written by Emily Currie

Classrooms dotted with green boxes, considerable cash donations and an auditorium filled with applause marked the arrival of Seaholm High School’s second annual B to D Toy Drive. 

On Friday December 14th, the opportunity for donations came to a close as the toys made their way to St. Patrick’s Church in downtown Detroit where they were distributed to less fortunate families for the holidays.

“Last year they took tons of toys,” Seaholm Principal Dee Lancaster said.  “They had a lot of cash donations too, so they went out and bought a bunch of things.”

The same outcome is expected for this year as well. 

Any kind of toy gently used or brand new was accepted.  A popular option was soft, plush toys for easy transportation.  The age group of the recipients was estimated to be age 8 and below.

In addition to toy and cash donations, co-coordinators and Seaholm seniors Katherine Johnson and Alex Gordon held Seaholm Night Live at 7:00pm on Wednesday, December 12th.  All proceeds went towards the cause. 

“It was originally a comedy show… but we quickly realized that not a lot of people will do comedy, so it turned into kind of a musical comedy show,” Johnson said after the show. 

84 parents and peers packed into the little theater to watch a total of 12 acts – nine musical performances and three comedic performances.  If everyone followed the suggested donation of $3, the show would have raised $252.  Instead, patrons dug deeper into their pockets, and the show was able to raise a total of $365 for the B to D Toy Drive. 

This year’s audience size and overall profit from the show didn’t quite reach the turnout from last year. 

“Last year there were two shows, so I think there were more people last year, which probably means more money,” Gordon said.  “But I think this show (turnout) would probably beat the average of both of the two shows last year.”

Gordon and Johnson were unsure of the exact numbers from last year. 

Johnson claims the reason for taking it down to 1 show was scheduling – “I thought it would be kind of hard to get all the performers to come on 2 days.”

Among one of the comedic favorites was Seaholm math teacher Mr. Bruns. 

“I always think Mr. Bruns is hilarious with his improv,” Johnson said. 

Bruns, the star of last year’s show, once again proved his reign with audience-involving acts. 

One of the favorite musical acts and the show closer was Seaholm senior Eric Smith.  Smith’s performance consisted of 3 songs – a tribute to fellow Senior Collin Trask, a crowd-moving original piece, and a rendition of The Eagles’ Take It Easy. 

“The show was a lot of fun to be in, there were a lot of great acts and Katherine and Alex did a great job organizing it,” Smith said. “It all went very smoothly.”

The Toy Drive will go down as a success for 2012.

“Thank you to everybody that donated toys and that performed in the show and donated money, it really means a lot to us,” said Gordon.  “Giving back feels good.”

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