Don’t be Broken Up Over Short Break

    In the past, winter break has lasted upwards of 14 days. This year, however, it will be different.

    Due to placement of New Years Day, classes will resume on Thursday January 3, after only 11 days off of school.

    This has caused an uproar in the student body, as students complain about a shortened vacation and a so called pointless two day week.

    However, students are disregarding the positive aspects of returning three short days earlier than last year.

   The two day week will allow students to ease back into early mornings, long class periods and the confusion of everyday lessons: all part of their normal school routine. By the following Monday, which leads into a full week, students will have already forgotten about their days off and have jumped back into the swing of things.

   Academics aren’t always on students’ minds when it comes to the length of breaks. However, with 18 days off of school, not counting possible snow days, second trimester has a disadvantage. Trimesters leave minimal time for in-depth learning already; adding long-breaks will only be detrimental when it comes to student learning. Particularly AP students, who are forced to learn all they need to know by the beginning of May.

   Students also need to remember, Birmingham is in the minority when it comes to having a mid-winter break, a break only six weeks after classes resume. This week long break in February in unique to select states in the Midwest and it’s truly a luxury. With Martin Luther King Day, MME testing and the occasional late starts, there are plenty of days off throughout the second trimester.

   In reality, three more days of school won’t kill anyone.

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