Why Should we Care?

   Just inside the entrance to Seaholm is a mural that states “The First of Many Summits.”  Whether the next summit is finding a job after high school or going to college, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have different views that will shape the futures of Seaholm Students.

   On Tuesday, November 6th, the country will decide who our next president will be.  Actually, the entire country won’t decide, only those 18 and older who are registered to vote.  This prevents most of our school from voting, but not everyone. 

   Teens that are too young to vote but feel strongly about this election can do things to influence the outcome. 

   Only part of our student body can vote to reelect President Obama or elect Governor Romney, but their decisions as president will affect all of Seaholm, so it is important to take an interest in the country’s decision making process, even if not everyone can go to the ballot box in November.

   Obama and Romney have differing views on financial support for college education, a track of education that 97 percent of Seaholm graduates will take according to the BirminghamPatch.  During his presidency, Obama doubled the funding for Pell Grants, the amount of money the government loans to students.  Romney states on his website that he plans to strengthen and simplify the financial aid system for education because a flood of federal dollars is driving up college tuitions by inflating the cost of colleges.

   They also have different plans on how to handle the economy that Seaholm students will soon be facing and the mounting national debt that is roughly $16 trillion.  Romney is focused on encouraging business growth in the United States by cutting taxes on business.  Obama wants to create jobs through stimulus spending and to increase taxes on wealthier Americans.

   Consider the price of gasoline.  The two candidates have very different views on how to change the price at the pump, but both sides offer plans to make commutes more affordable.  Obama wants to lower speculation on gasoline, believing that too much speculation throws off supply and demand principals, while Romney believes that drilling for more gasoline would be the better choice. 

   These are just some of the serious topics that can change the future.

   Educate yourself on these two candidates.  Influence the views of people who can vote.  Get out and support the candidate you believe serves our community best.

   Both candidates have official campaign websites, mittromney.com and barackobama.com, which offer opportunities to learn about the stances of Obama and Romney on all issues.  On Obama’s website there is a specific section for students to take action by finding events, making calls and getting connected to the campaign.

   Talk to friends, family and anyone else who is willing to listen about why Obama or Romney is the better choice.  If a person is undecided about who to pick or is planning on not voting, eagerness for that candidate could educate them on their choice, or encourage them to vote.

   Staying informed is always an option.  Know when and where rallies are to be held and encourage friends and family to attend them.

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