Seaholm Supports #teamcollin

On September 15, the Seaholm community rallied around senior Collin Trask in a candlelight vigil with about 300 students in attendence. Trask had been diagnosed with a medublastoma in his brain in 2007. As of October 3, Trask is in hospice care. PHOTO / CAROLINE BARTHOLOMEW

The way the Seaholm community has come together to help support and encourage our “Iron Man” is like nothing we have done before.

Senior Collin Trask was diagnosed with cancer in 7th grade and since then he has been battling with it. In recent weeks, Trask’s condition has taken a turn for the worse, sparking the Seaholm community to come together as what we consider a family.

The Seaholm community has responded with an outpouring of support, and everyone should be proud. Proud of the student body, and proud of the community.

Students have raised an overwhelming amount of money through t-shirt sales, raffle ticket fundraisers and donations. All of this was with the goal to be able to take a little stress off Trask’s parents during such a difficult time in their lives.

A September 15th candlelight vigil not only showed support but, more importantly, celebrated Trask and showed him all of the people that his story has touched.

Even students who had never met Trask bought t-shirts, attended the vigil and expressed their support on Twitter using the hashtags #teamcollin and #prayforcollin.

Social networking sights like Twitter and Facebook have been exploding in recent weeks with inspiring words of support for Trask.

Too often, the conversation in the hallway, lunch line and even our editorial page focuses on the negatives. We point out flaws in the system, in a process or in each other, but today we focus on the positive: how a student body has come together, putting aside our differences, in order to support a fellow classmate.

All of that being said, it shouldn’t take such an unfortunate event like this for our school to come together like we have seen over the past three weeks. This should be the norm for Seaholm, supporting each other through the little things and the big.

Most students spend more time at school then they do in their own home, these are the people we spend five days a week with, so we have to be able to support each other.

All we can do is hope that this closeness and unification will continue on.

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