Seaholm AP Provides Look Behind the Scenes

Sitting at her desk, assistant principal Deb Boyer enthusiastically points to a framed picture of two college aged kids.

“Those are my kids,” she said

Her kids are her passion. Along with her love for her own children she loves to work with kids in general, including all of the students at Seaholm.

“I really enjoy working with teenagers, I like the energy, the passion,” Boyer said

Boyer’s responsibilities as assistant principal are different every day. She can be found patrolling the cafeteria, keeping order at special events, or typing away at her computer organizing her jam packed schedule. She can be known as the strict disciplinarian, but there is more to Boyer than meets the eye. Although she is responsible for a wide range of tasks, she says that the variety keeps her job interesting.

“No two days are the same,” Boyer said, “We have Field Day coming up and that’s always a big thing and there’s always a lot of intrigue that goes along with it, sometimes I could deal with a little less intrigue but it keeps things interesting to say the least.”

Field day is made possible by the work of students and teachers but Boyer is also an important part of field day. Social Studies teacher and Senior class advisor Dawn Whitehead understands the important role Boyer plays in field day.

“The responsibilities are pretty extensive for her, especially early planning,” Whitehead said, “It has really been a pleasure she’s put in lots and lots of work and there’s always something that needs to be fixed or adjusted or negotiated and she does an excellent job at it.”

Occasionally when things get crazy Boyer has to show another side of herself: a disciplinary side.

“Even though students don’t sometimes like the rules we enforce discipline is necessary if there’s going to be order here” Boyer said.

Boyer is often seen as the more strict of the two assistant principal, however Seaholm Counselor Rebecca Rossen believes that Boyer’s disciplinary tactics are not unreasonable.

“I think she’s very fair you know when she has to do the discipline stuff” Seaholm Counselor Rebecca Rossen said.

When Boyer is forced to discipline she tries to make it into a learning experience.

“We all make mistakes, but I believe there’s information to be gleaned from making mistakes,” Boyer said.

Keeping order is one of the main objectives of the administration, which is what causes her to have to be strict. Like assistant principal Othamian Peterson, though, their primary goal is to build a community.

“School is not necessarily about running it or managing it its more so about creating a culture” Peterson said “we match up in terms of trying to hold kids responsible but at the same time providing opportunities for growth and for freedom”

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