BPS High Schools Exchange Petersons

Assistant principal Othamian Peterson. PHOTO / MADELINE TEW

Othamian Peterson has left his home.

That’s how he feels anyway, coming to Seaholm after working at Groves High School for so long.

“I kind of did grow up at Groves,” Peterson said, “It was my first job out of college. I was 22 years old when I first got that job.”

Mr. Peterson has taken Staci Peterson’s place as Seaholm’s 9th and 10th grade Assistant Principal. Mrs. Peterson, after five years at Seaholm, has moved to Groves.

As for the reason behind the switch, “honestly I don’t know all that went into it,” Mr. Peterson said. “I just know that they presented it to me and they spoke to Mrs. Peterson; they said, ‘this is something we’re thinking, what do you think?’ And I said sure.”

Seaholm Principal Deanna Lancaster views this switch as a positive change, both for the Seaholm community and for Mr. Peterson.

“The district had the opportunity with some restructuring because of the size of the two buildings,” Lancaster said. “It really was a district decision. Any time you give someone a different perspective, give them another job opportunity, it’s a good thing.”

Before coming to Seaholm, Peterson worked for two years as a Dean of Students at Groves. This position, he explained, involved many of the same responsibilities he expects to take on as an Assistant Principal, including an emphasis on direct interaction with the student body.

Prior to his position as a Dean, Peterson was an English teacher at Groves and a coach of various sports, including Track and Field for ten years– experiences which provided him with a unique perspective as an administrator.

“My contribution, I hope, is perspective and an open outlook, and the ability to work with others,” Peterson said.

Lancaster said in an email sent out to Seaholm parents on the evening of May 24th he “brings an outstanding student centered leadership background.”

So, how does Peterson feel about leaving his home and coming to Seaholm?

“It’s been amazing. Everybody has been nothing but welcoming and open, and it’s been a very, very pleasant surprise.”

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