Letter to the Editor: Student asks SHS to take a stand

As you have all been made aware, a racial threat was found in Mrs. Martin’s classroom on Monday March 26th.

The intention of this note was to intimidate our fellow community members and friends. This bullying will prove to be ineffective and will not be tolerated.

The cowardly author of the note finds himself outnumbered by the plethora of accepting and open minded students and faculty members that will respond to this behavior and band together to become stronger than ever.

Each member of Seaholm’s community now finds themselves responsible for counteracting the pusillanimous conflict that the author has attempted to create.

We must show whoever did this that their actions are inexcusable, inappropriate and are not reflective of anyone else’s viewpoint but their own.

We must now fight to protect the feeling of safety that so many of us take for granted when we walk through our doors every morning. It is most important to prove ourselves resilient in this situation. Regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation, no one has need to be scared or threatened by this note.

The entire population will rise to its responsibility of maintaining an inviting environment in which all feel welcomed and secure.

Racism has no place at Seaholm High School. No matter how much adversity we must endure, the outcome will remain the same; The Seaholm community will overcome those who threaten its welcoming atmosphere.

– Senior, Kevin Witenoff

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