Dooley Noted: Third Trimester Seniors Checked Out

Written by Meghan Dooley

Being a third trimester student at Seaholm is easily the best time of the year. Especially for seniors who are on their way to a new beginning and a bittersweet end.

The general mood throughout the school can be seen as joyful. Students are wearing shorts and sandals, spring sports are in session, people are becoming tan and carefree as the summer steadily approaches.

However, this usually isn’t seen until the end of April, early May.

This year, spring has decided to arrive early, which most of us, including myself, are not complaining about.

But, what does that mean for senioritis or overall student focus in general?

I’d say it’s essentially out the window if they weather continues this way.

Next thing you know, we’re going to have freshmanitis, sophomore-itis and junioritis. Sure, the first few weeks of this weather are outstanding, and as I stated before, I’m not complaining.

Although as the trimester continues on and end approaches at a more rapid pace, I’m not sure how the student body will be doing. The focus is away, that’s what I say.

I’m sure my editors would like it if I focused on my column, filling it with the usual wit and sass.

But let’s be honest, it’s really nice out… The sun is shining, it’s currently 57 degrees and it is only early morning.

With hardly any wind, a perfect ray of sunshine streaming down and not a cloud in the sky-I think it’s safe to say I’m checked out.

I’m really trying hard to focus on this column, but the weather, is so beautiful.

The sidewalks are screaming have a lemonade stand, the sprinklers are pleading me to run through them, and my car, well, it’s begging me to roll the windows down, open the sunroof and crank the system up and cruise down Maple or Woodward at an average of 60mph.

All these things, so summery, so tempting.

Drive through a subdivision in this weather, and one can simply spot an excessive amount of power walking women, children chasing each other, and an abnormal amount of obnoxious bikers in the road.

With the tone of the community set based on this weather, how do teachers expect their students to sit inside on a beautiful spring day and do a project? Or focus on a paper? Or even this column…

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