Community Coalition Braces for Spring Parties

Written by Simon Schuster

Community members are being warned that aiding their children’s actions this spring could have legal repercussions for them.

The letter emphasizes that it is illegal for parents to serve or purchase alcohol to minors. It also points out that hosting a party where alcohol will be available to minors is also against the law.

The letter was signed by municipal officials from Birmingham, Bloomfield township, Bloomfield Hills, Beverly Hills, Franklin and Bingham Farms.

Birmingham-Bloomfield Community Coalition Youth Action Board Co President and Seaholm junior Erin Brown believed the letters made a significant difference.

“The letters definitely had a bigger impact on the parents.,” Brown said. “When parents see that they got a letter from the Birmingham Police, it raised their awareness, and they should take it seriously.”

Junior Adam Boorstein took a less idealistic view on the letter.

“I thought it was cautious and needed from a parent’s perspective but dumb and pointless from a student’s perspective,” Boorstein said. “I think the parents that are going to pay attention to the letter already know not to buy alcohol for minors, where as the parents that don’t really care are going to throw the letter away like junk mail.”

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