Warm Weather Produces Lukewarm Effort

Written by Amy Lafay

Seaholm and the Birmingham area has been blindsided by the bright rays of the sun.

“Seriously, who wants to be here?” senior Erin O’Donnell said.

This seems to be the newly adopted mantra of the students of Seaholm High School.

In her online article, Kelley Colihan of WebMd Health News explains how sunlight is a major factor in mood alteration, and can decrease the desire to be productive. With the sun at its brightest, the students of Seaholm are feeling the effects.

Not helping as the temperatures continue to rise, is the climate control within the building. Seaholm’s preset heater, according to the Seaholm Director of Operations Matt Hess, continues to pump unwanted heat throughout the school halls. It is possible that the heat could be on until May first.

With stifling classrooms and restless students, teachers, such as Seaholm Film and Flex teacher Robin Moten, are predicting a drop off in student effort, especially for the senior class of 2012.

“Senioritus has always been around…but weather like this doesn’t help,” Moten said.

Janet Adams, an educational counselor with Gibbs & Wall Educational Counseling, said climate can impact educational performance.

“Warm weather like this triggers something in the adolescent mind,” Adams said. “When it was warm and sunny like this in previous years, [they] were on summer vacation. Therefore, students don’t feel the need to pursue good grades or even attend school.”

According to CollegeAnswers.com, the lack of student effort could lead to serious consequences. In the section titled “Understanding College Acceptance Letters”, the online guide brings to light the fact that legally colleges are allowed to revoke acceptances and scholarships if students fail to fulfill the college’s requests. Usually the terms to abide by include a steady GPA and school attendance.

The counselors of Seaholm have warned the senior class of this fact numerous times in class meetings throughout the year, but current weather could override these warnings.

According to Moten, not all the blame should rest on the students’ shoulders.Moten said teachers have been dealing with a lack of motivation from students every year, even when the weather wasn’t 80 degrees and sunny.

“This is where teachers and administration need to look at teaching reform,” Moten said. “It’s a battle that’s always been fought.”

Former teacher of 20 years Joyce Hughes agrees.

“The way you teach has to change.” Hughes said. “I always did projects – anything that didn’t involve me standing at the front of the room talking.”

Educational counselor Adamshas a contrasting opinion on whose duty it is to keep the students motivated.

“Teachers can change their curriculum, change their presentation of the material, but ultimately this is up to the students.”

Seaholm junior Jordan Lenington said it’s time for students to stop being babied.

“Naturally you’re still going to want to slack off towards the end,” Lenington said. “But the teachers shouldn’t be required to change their curriculum.”

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