Spring Tryouts Push Back for 2013

Written by Cameron Smyk

Spring athletic tryouts and second trimester finals have overlapped since the beginning of the trimester era.

Starting next year, spring sports tryouts will be moved back two days so students may have ample time to study for their finals. Rumors began to spread about cuts not being allowed starting for the 2013 athletic season at Seaholm, due to the conflicting second trimester finals. These rumors have recently been shot down by Athletic Director Aaron Frank, there will still be cuts for spring sports but tryout policies have and will be more strictly enforced, like practice times and lengths as well as when cuts can be made during tryouts.

“Time parameters set by the school and athletic department have been communicated clearly and strictly followed by Seaholm coaches,” said Athletic director Aaron Frank. “Practices must be made no longer than two hours to allow students, to get home and study, and no cuts can be made until Thursday of finals.”

Currently, coaches are not allowed to make cuts until Thursday of tryouts. This rule won’t change. Tryouts dates however will change, from the Monday of finals to Wednesday.

Fall and winter sports such as basketball and hockey for men and women’s basketball, cheerleading, and dance team all often make cuts. Not all athletic teams at Seaholm make cuts, only the teams with a limited roster can make cuts. Teams that compete in the spring that have the ability to make cuts are baseball, softball, and men’s, women’s lacrosse according to the Seaholm athletic itinerary.

“Some sports are limited by nature to carry few players on the roster,” Frank said. “Others have more. You cannot allow some sports to make cuts and others not.”

While the nature of the game limits the number of players, the skill sets of the players does too. First time players just aren’t prepared or set with skills to immediately be pushed into a varsity situation. The athletic policy states that seniors may only participate at the varsity level, with hockey and basketball only allowing a smaller bench, new players won’t be able to compete, making cuts necessary.

“I definitely believe cuts are necessary,” said varsity baseball coach Dan Drapel. “If a senior comes out for the baseball team without being able to pass and catch it becomes a safety issue.”

“Cuts are some of the hardest things for a coach to do. Coaches set the bar. Most kids try their best and make the bar,” Frank said. “Others on the other hand don’t put in the work and effort that is requested for an example, attending off season workouts without an excuse.”

While the tryouts have been moved to start near the end of finals, varsity hockey and lacrosse player, junior Adam Susalla says studying for finals and tryouts isn’t a big deal.

“Finals are a time of studying, but tryouts don’t make a huge impact on how I prepare myself for finals, but it will be nice to have a bit more time so I don’t feel the need to cram,” Susalla said. “Cuts on the other hand do make tryout more stressful but there are still important to have, especially for hockey.”

Practicing and engaging in vigorous physical activity daily has been tested to positively affect your grades and school work. According to a New York Times June 2010 study of Saginaw Valley State University students, students who engaged in regular physical exercise had on average a 0.4 point higher G.P.A then students who didn’t.

Similarly, students who are academically motivated often are more committed to exercise, both are important in obtaining good grades, according to medicine and science in sports exercise, Official journal of the American College of sports medicine.

“Eating, exercise, and studying are important for finals, exercise keeps you moving and on your toes, eating well is also a big part, and even balance of these three things proves to be beneficial,” Frank said.

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