SEAing Things Differently

Passion, harmony, and friendship are just a few of the phrases that members of Seaholm’s vocal pop ensemble, SEA, use to express their feelings towards their experience in the glee club ensemble.

According to Laurie Frick, director of SEA, dedication is just one of the special qualities that she sees in all the members of SEA.

“The students really have a passion for performing, music, and working as an ensemble,” Frick said.

Students involved in SEA meet during x-block to rehearse and preform as a group. These students are also required to be members of the Seaholm choir, The Voices, and do several performances in addition to the regular choir performances outside of school.

According to SEA member, senior Madeline Jerge the dedication that being a member of SEA requires really pays off.

“Sometimes its hard to get up for x-block, “Jerge said, “but its worth it.”

Jerge believes that one thing that makes the SEA experience unique is the friendships present between the members of the group both in and outside of SEA.

“We are all friends and hangout as friends outside of school,” Jerge said.

Currently, SEA includes eight members separated throughout all grades.

SEA member sophomore Eliana Barwinski enjoys the smaller atmosphere of SEA and the opportunities that come along with it.

“I like how SEA shows me that I am able to work and sing in smaller groups,” Barwinski said.

Although the small group atmosphere is fun, Barwinski believes it can be more challenging than the normal choir group.

“Sometimes it’s hard because we have people off pitch or singing too loud and it’s harder to fix in the smaller group,” Barwinski said.

Mastering of difficult skills like performing in the smaller group atmosphere is important for SEA members so that they can continue their passion for music and performing outside of high school.

“Several of the SEA students go onto theatre and performance in some way as a profession,” said Frick.

One current member of SEA, senior Michael Meldrum, has hopes of continuing his singing career at the University of Michigan next year.

“I’m going to Michigan next year and I’m thinking of auditioning for their glee club,” said Meldrum.

According to Frick, the passion and dedication to music that SEA members possess makes them leaders in the Choir and Musical environments.

“All of the students who have leadership positions in choir are also members of SEA,” said Frick.

Frick can see the transformation, as a choir student becomes a part of SEA and the new responsibilities they take on with it.

“They really take on more responsibility, they realize how good it is to sing in really close harmonies and have solos within the group,” said Frick.

In addition to leadership positions in choir, all members of SEA took part in the musical “Guys and Dolls” this year. Seven of SEA members were leads in the musical.

Beyond the bonds of Seaholm, SEA members bring their passion and talent for music to the community.

“I love doing all the events in the community with SEA,” said Barwinski. “We do a lot of Community performances, probably nine or ten so far this year.”

According to Meldrum, these community performances are not only an exciting musical opportunity, but also a method of bring the group closer together.

“Our performances at a country club and Derby were fun and good for bonding,” said Meldrum.

According to Barwinski, the numerous community and school performances allow the opportunity for SEA members to gain confidence in their performing abilities and skills.

“SEA has really helped me with my confidence in general,” said Barwinski. “Now I really enjoy performing solos instead of being afraid of them.”

Frick also sees the increase of confidence in performing abilities of all her SEA students as the spend more time in the group

“A student may start SEA in 9th or 10th grade and by the time they are senior they have really developed their performance capabilities,” said Frick.

Frick acknowledges that dedication is key to a student’s success in SEA and in a music career in general and wants to maintain SEA as a group for students who possess a true passion for music.

“It’s nice to be part of a group where everyone loves music as much as I do,” said Barwinski.

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