Freshman Makes Varsity Softball

The baby faced freshman with the curly brown hair peers towards home plate. Staring back at her is an eighteen year old senior varsity player who is bigger, stronger, and more experienced.

Behind the senior is another freshman. The catcher. Completely focused, she has her glove out, eyes on the ball, ready to catch the pitch.

One of these girls is afraid and it’s not either of the freshmen. The ball doesn’t know who has experience and who does not, and as former Detroit Piston Rasheed Wallace used to say, the ball don’t lie.

Maddy Cormier, the freshman pitcher, within seconds, sends a fastball towards home plate. It is the senior batter who is about to find out how fast Cormier can throw as the unhittable ball crosses the plate. The woosh sound of the ball loudly smacking freshman Christina Dennis’ mitt is all the evidence anyone needs to know why these freshmen just made varsity.

“I was overwhelmed with joy,” said Cormier about making the team. “All my hard work was worth it.”

Cormier, jersey number one, is the right handed pitcher for the team but also excels in the middle infield and batting. She has messy, curly brown hair and she may be small but that does not detract from her skill level.

Pitch after pitch, she swings her arm all the way around and sends the ball flying towards the batter with great accuracy, never running out of steam. She shouts out encouraging words to her teammates while sitting on the bench and always keeps a beaming smile on her face.

“I’m really excited for this season,” Cormier said. “All the girls on the team are so nice and welcoming to us new girls.”

After tryouts on Thursday, March 15th, Coach Bill Schuerman called each of the girls in to his office individually to tell them where their place would be on the team. “I was so nervous walking in to that room,” said Christina Dennis. “Once he told me, it felt so good.”

Dennis, number four, is the right handed catcher for the team but she also plays in the outfield as well as being a determined hitter. She has dirty blonde hair and is also a little on the small side.

“Softball is such a big part of my life and I want to continue playing in college,” said Dennis.

She can catch groundballs and fastballs like it’s no big deal and is always calm and collected. Her eyes are constantly fixed on the ball.

“Maddy and Christina have about ten years of softball experience between them to bring to the team. We’re all excited to see what they can do this season,” Captain Alex Arnold said.

Arnold, a senior, plays as an outfielder for the team. She is supportive of Maddy and Christina and sees a bight future for them.

“They are two really great girls,” Arnold said.

Arnold’s dad, Jim, is the assistant coach for the team. It is his first year coaching at Seaholm but he has been coaching the sport of softball for a total of eight years. He also knows that the two freshmen have potential.

“They could have a huge future ahead of them. Both of the girls have the opportunity to play all through high school, college, and even beyond that if they work hard,” Coach Jim Arnold said.

This is a big season for the varsity team with some high expectations for all of them to live up to because of the skill level this year.

“This is the best hitting group we’ve had in ten or fifteen years. And Maddy and Christina are both a big part of that,” said Arnold.

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